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Temporary Church Closure Notice (due to Covid related concerns)

for Holy Trinity Hartshill & St Peter’s Galley Common

It is with great sadness and reluctance that we are having to announce that our church buildings will remained closed for all services and events until at least the end of January.

Please note it is ONLY the building that is closed and that the "Church" remains very much open with services emailed out each week. We will also post our services onto social media if you wish to download them and they can even be delivered in our monthly postal packs if requested. Please see our Church websites and facebook pages for more information.

This decision to close the buildings has been made jointly with the incumbent (vicar) and PCC (church council) of both churches in the benefice (group of Church of England churches) of Hartshill and Galley Common. It has also been done within the permission and support of the local Bishop and Diocese of Coventry and within the legal framework, legislation and guidance of the national Church of England. Other churches locally have also already made similar decisions.

Whilst in theory it is legal to stay open the rates of the virus in the community, the pressure on the NHS, the government advice to 'stay at home', the rapidly spreading new mutation of the virus and the closure of every other main place of gathering means that although we may not want to close the building, we feel that it is the safest decision, at the moment, that shows a duty of care for both the church and local community. This decision will be reviewed in relation to updated advice and relevant statistics and we will keep you updated when applicable.

If you have any questions – please email the relevant church via our website pages.

Rev Heather Barnes – on behalf of the PCC’s of Holy Trinity Hartshill & St Peter’s Galley Common.

Services and Ceromonies


At Holy Trinity Hartshill we are able to perform ceremonies for weddings, baptisms / christenings and funeral services. For more information, you can contact a church warden.


Church Groups

There is a number of groups that meet at the church or the attached Community Hub throughout the week. Take a look and see if there are any groups you would like to participate in.


The Church

The picturesque church sits in the heart of Hartshill and has stood for over 150 years. If you wish to know more about the churches heritage then an article by Rose Tyler can help – Read More.



Safeguarding is important at Holy Trinity, see the links below for details of our policy and what to do if you have safeguarding concerns.
Safeguarding Policy
Responding to Safeguarding Concerns
PCR 2 Leaflet for Clergy
Safeguarding Email

Next Service:
Holy Communion

Holy Trinity Church

18th April 2021


History Of Our Church

Work began back in 1842 when it was decided by the Parish of Mancetter Vestry that a Parish Church was deemed necessary within Hartshill which, at that time, had a population of around 1000 villagers.

Quickly, the local community raised £650 to start the build and when Mr. Richard Jee agreed to donate the stone needed, work was soon under way!

Sadly mid way through the build construction halted and part of the base structure had tumbled. With dwindling funds the build was looking dire... Until Rev H.E. Lowe paid a visit to some friends in near by Atherstone and graciously donated enough money to complete the build.

The first Holy Communion Service was held there on Sunday 30th April 1848 by the Vicar of Mancetter, as Hartshill's new Vicar, Rev. W.J. Edge had not yet been appointed. The Consecration Service took place at the end of June.

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